KMGi's Webmercials directly target your customers with TV quality commercials on the Internet, at a fraction of the cost of traditional television advertising.

Webmercials combine the look and feel of TV commercials with interactivity, target-marketing and direct sales features of the Internet. Now you can dramatically increase the impact of your direct sales campaign without the major expense of TV and print advertising. When the viewer clicks on your Webmercials, he will be instantly transported to your Web Site or web presentation.

Complete this experience with a secure “Buy Online” option, and you have the ultimate tool for instant national or even international sales campaigns!

Canadia Diamonds

Animated Web and TV commercial.

American Airlines

Webmercial production based on script by DDB.

Webmercial to promote a weight loss product.

Web Presentations

Imagine being able to demonstrate every aspect of your company's product or service to a global audience without incurring broadcast, printing and distribution expenses.

Simply post a full-screen dynamic web presentation with professional voice-over and sound effects on your website so any prospective customers can access it from anywhere in the world, anytime, in the language they prefer. Additionally, your interactive web presentation can incorporate the “Buy Online” option, boosting your online and offline sales.

Imagine your product manual or troubleshooting guide as a fully interactive web presentation. Your customers no longer have the aggravation of searching for misplaced print manuals or wasting time on hold waiting for a customer service representative.

Now your customers can simply look up the web presentation URL located next to the serial number of your product and access the information they need immediately, day or night.

Not only have you increased your customer satisfaction, but have also reduced your customer service expense at the same time.

KMGi is the uncontested leader in production of web-based presentations and online manuals.


Web Presentation of the MyDocOnline Application. This presentation won the “Best of Category” Award at the International Web Page Awards.

US Filter | Vivendi Group

Web Presentation of water-treatment system.


Web Presentation.

Multimedia Sites

Since the “Stone Age” of the Internet, websites have remained a linked library of mute and static HTML pages. Today, KMGi combines traditional website architecture with dynamic multimedia content, producing Flash sites which are faster-loading and have superior functionality than most static, muted webpages.

Why settle for static HTML brochureware when your company can have a dynamic and interactive multimedia website that more effectively communicates all the advantages of your products and services?

Multimedia sites don't have to be flashy. Your website's style should be as unique as your company, whether that image is flamboyant, technical or conservative. Whatever your preference, KMGi can specifically design a dynamic multimedia website that will distinguish you from the competition.

Our advanced production process allows us to create cutting-edge websites at a fraction of a standard website’s cost.

Dubai Internet City

Website concept

Canadia Diamonds

Website concept


Website concept

3D Tours

Interactive multimedia tours by KMGi help real estate developers to stand out from the competition by showcasing advantages of their properties in advanced 3D animation. The result is faster and easier sales.

Our team of highly experienced 3D animators stands on call to design and implement your ideas into a stunning rendering or animation. Send us your CAD files, floor plans, drawings and/or sketches for a no-commitment estimate.

Concept Presentation

Architectural Visualization

Apartment Complex

Real Estate Tour


3D Character Animation