Multimedia Sites

Since the “Stone Age” of the Internet, websites have remained a linked library of mute and static HTML pages. Today, KMGi combines traditional website architecture with dynamic multimedia content, producing Flash sites which are faster-loading and have superior functionality than most static, muted webpages.

Why settle for static HTML brochureware when your company can have a dynamic and interactive multimedia website that more effectively communicates all the advantages of your products and services?

Multimedia sites don't have to be flashy. Your website's style should be as unique as your company, whether that image is flamboyant, technical or conservative. Whatever your preference, KMGi can specifically design a dynamic multimedia website that will distinguish you from the competition.

Our advanced production process allows us to create cutting-edge websites at a fraction of a standard website’s cost.

Dubai Internet City

Website concept

Canadia Diamonds

Website concept


Website concept